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Drawing on a Board


At IGNITE Marketing Solutions, we bring your marketing and sales campaigns to life in a fun and interactive way. Our top-notch face-to-face communicators are experts in delivering your brand message, all while focusing on creating REAL human interactions with your target audience. Based out of Sydney - we work Australia-wide. 

We thrive on creating and executing custom solutions that develop your messaging to build and drive brand awareness. Our vibrant and interactive team, specialising in closing and driving sales to the bottom line, will create an emotional and human connection with your brand, which is important in today's highly competitive market. 

Operating mostly in shopping centres, major events and areas of high population, we take your brand directly to your target audience! 

We’re passionate about delivering your voice and building your brand presence. Contact our friendly team today for a quote. 

Our Mission

To inspire people to take action one conversation at a time

Get real results and create a would we can be proud of.


Why? Because it sucks to have great ideas and big dream squashed – all because you can’t sell!      

Our Standards for our Ignite Team

Our Company Values

Define how we conduct ourselves with our colleagues, customers & clients. Guide us when we are faced with challenging situations & help create the foundation of our culture. These define what is most important to us as a company.


Dress the part.  Set the pace.

Be a role model.

Carry yourself in a way that respects the team

Back yourself and each other

Respect consider and support others.


Have each other back. Be passionate and believe in yourself and what you do.

Do what we say we will do

Deliver what you promise.
Your word is your bond.
Take responsibility for your choices and the outcome.

Push the boundaries

Innovate. Work smarter not just harder, think outside the square.

Do whatever it takes.

Go above and beyond.

Go the extra mile.

Heart & Soul

Love the client.

Love what you do.


Treat it like your own.

Be kind above all.

Raw & Real

Do what is right and fair.

Tell it as it is.

Tell your truth.

Be solution focused, push problems up not sideways

Company First

Serve – add massive value

Protect the company

Company & team success is your success

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